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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There's an old Indian saying - "life is not a continuum of pleasant choices, but of inevitable problems that call for strength, determination and hard work"

How true!

From starvation in Ethiopia, war in Lebannon, earthquakes in Indonesia to the painfully close bomb blasts that shook Mumbai, life just doesn't seem easy!

So what does one do at times like these? When troubles stare you in the face? When a dream is deferred? When everything you have carefully built just collapses in a heap right in front of your eyes? When all around you, you see broken relationships. Shattered dreams. Fragmented lives.

Think of the slave in times gone by ... he worked in the sweltering heat of a merciless sun for meagre earnings. He worked and toiled and was beaten and bruised. But in the middle of all of this, he sang. He sang of happier times. Times of beauty. Of serenity. Of peace. Of freedom. Of inching along towards that ever elusive freedom like a poor inchworm. And in some magical way, the music gave him the strength to carry on.

So what if life just went by - flowing endlessly and indifferently? Do we drift along too? Carried by its currents from one inevitable undercurrent that pulls us down, to another?

If you only looked deep inside of you, you will realise that you have been given an inner strength to cope with whatever it is that life throws at you. So meet that inner man. Nurture him and make him strong. And smile! Sing! Get lost in the magic of music - of swinging on stars and carrying moon beams in jars.


Step into someone else's shoes... and maybe even walk a little bit in them!

Love with all your heart!

And leave this earth a little greener than you found it!

Maybe thats all it takes to make your world a better place!