Flowers by the wayside....

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where have all the butterflies gone?

I’ve passed that way all my life…

Every single day!

And still it stands

In the same familiar curve on the street...

Something so familiar – and so by-the-way that you don’t really look

Or notice

Or care.

Its just there!

But I looked today – and noticed – and cared – and found

The familiar had taken on a cloak of unfamiliarity and strangeness...

It used to be a place in the sun!

The home would ring with laughter


Viji lived there. Viji with pigtails, bright eyes and the wide toothy smile.

A voice that was more of a squeal than anything else.

And we would chase butterflies -

Bright yellow, brown with a black and white eye, or a vivid black and red.

It stands bleak now

And forlorn

Almost desolate

Shuttered. A rusty lock on the gate.

The flowering plants are all gone

Well – all the plants are gone


Not even weeds

And there are no butterflies.